About us

We glad to present you our company Northern light Manning Agency.
We officially licensed By Ukrainian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (License No. 1813 from 24-Dec-2019, without expiration date).
Northern light Manning Agency is a Crew Management & Recruitment company providing quality management personnel with the knowledge to successfully and cost effectively manage marine resources by analyzing the customer’s requirement, adapting to what current and future needs will be and understanding the changing maritime environment.

We perform professional selection, training, and processing to provide our employers in Offshore & Trade fleet with qualified and motivated personnel under the International Conventions Standards.

We appreciate and take care in our seafarers as the unit of value they represent. To achieve our vision it is expected that everyone will contribute to ensure safety, security and quality in all parts at every moment. To comply with this responsibility, we will always aspire to secure our values.
Agency is operating by qualified staff with huge experience in shipping and manning industry that is why each candidate is properly checked according high standards.

Northern light believes that to generate a business partnership, we must have an excellent understanding of our clients and business partner’s needs. This belief has propelled greater heights of accomplishments between Northern light and our clients.

If you select us, you can be sure that everything will be on the right way!


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